Why Work With Us

Clients work with us because we offer convenience, a trusted service and a way to save money on fees.

Transfer funds from anywhere – we work online so you can transfer funds simply by sending us an email authorization from wherever you happen to be. No waiting in line, no figuring out opening hours. Just send an email and you can start the process.

Save money – we offer wholesale exchange rates and charge transparent fees for our services. Just contact us and we will let you know, in your specific situation, how much money you could save by working with us.

  • Property purchase – Michael and Julie were purchasing a home in Jerusalem. Their funds from the sale of their former home in Maryland were still in the US. Michael and Julie could not wire funds internationally as they were in Israel and needed to be in the bank to sign forms. They were, howeve,r able to wire to a local US attorney escrow account. The funds were transferred to the escrow account and we handled the rest. Later they discovered that they had saved enough money to go away on a 3-day vacation.
  • Business – A clothing store in Israel sells their line of clothing online, mainly to US clients. Payments are in USD, expenses are paid in ILS. No problem. A few times a month, funds are transferred to our account in the US and we handle the rest.
  • Individual – Josh and Michelle live in Be’er Sheva. Josh is an Analyst working online for a US corporation, and is paid in USD. Their everyday expenses are in ILS. No problem. Once a month Josh or Michelle sends us an authorization form to withdraw USD from their US account and transfer those funds in ILS to their local, Israeli bank account.

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