Who We Work With

We work with individuals and businesses who have a variety of forex needs.


Businessman Using Tablet ComputerIndividuals – we work with individuals who have one-off or multiple transactions to perform in order to supplement their monthly budgets. We can assist in creating payment schedules so you can manage your money conveniently and easily, always knowing what transfers are coming up and when to expect a financial injection into your account.





House keyProperty Buyers – we assist purchasers of homes and vacation apartments to transfer the large sums of money required in a simple and cost-effective way. We can help you figure out your initial payment transfer and then all the other payment stages involved in the purchase through to the final payment. All our clients are entitled to consult with (at no charge) our in-house attorney, who can advise you on the legal aspects of purchasing property.





Jewish prayer books on wooden shelves.Institutions Operating Overseas – we help yeshivas, seminaries and other similar type of institutions which receive their tuition (or other) payments in USD and need to convert the funds to shekels order to pay their local expenses. Our rates are extremely competitive and mean that more funds from donations are available for use. We offer locked-in exchange rates for those who prefer to take advantage of that exchange option.




Israel Dollars ConceptBusinesses – we help US businesses who are doing business overseas to transfer funds between that country and the US on a regular basis. We speed up the process and can deposit different currencies into any corporate account worldwide.

We can help US businesses as well as Israeli-based businesses exchange their local funds to the currency of their needs and send those funds to a destination in another country ie: USD-GBP, USD-ILS, ILS-USD, ILS-AUD, CAD-EUR etc.

For example:

  • Company X is located in the US and has an office in Israel. Every month we help the US head office to send funds to the Israeli office to pay expenses.
  • Company Y is located in Israel, and they receive regular shipments from Company Z which is based in the USA. Twice a month, Company Y pays invoices to Company Z. We accept the NIS and send the USD equivalent to Company Z.

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